Praying mantis sex position

947 2 years ago

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Gonris 2 years ago
congrats on motherhood. but I sure wouldn't mind seeing a comeback!
Tohn 2 years ago
I approve big time. 👍🏻
Gardazuru 2 years ago
I keep the Jewish Feasts and Shabot. Yeshua was Cut Off in the middle of His 33 1/2 years. If you rock back 6 months your at a late September window. Zecharias was performing his Levite service of the Order of Abijah when he was told by the Angel Elizebeth would have a child. This divisions service is the eigth division and would be in the Temple in early July on your Julian Calendar. Elizebeth concieved after and was 6 months pregnant when Mary concieved and went to visit her in what would now be late December. Rock forward 9 months and we are back at late September. Yom Truah (trumpets is during this time and is the only Feast God did not give an explanation for!
Mezira 2 years ago
Good late morning, hope everyone is doing well today

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